What Really????

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting lately have been away and recently been promoted to a Managers position at work, so I have been very busy lately.

I do apologise!


Remember when I wrote a post called introducing myself? I mentioned in that post that the current motorcycle I ride is a 2009 Honda CB400 and that eventually, I would be selling this beautiful machine.

Well a few months ago I decided it was probably time to consider putting her up on the market, but I thought instead of selling it on Bikesales.com I would consider the local motorcycle store to have them sell her on consignment, on the behalf of myself.

The story gets interesting here!

My little Brother caught wind that I wanted to sell Fee (CB400) to upgrade to a slightly larger capacity machine. One day on the way home I popped into my parent’s place to have a coffee and catch up. At this time my brother just arrived home and wanted to speak to me about the bike. At first, I was like “dude you don’t even have a Learners Permit yet, why would I sell it to you?” To be honest, I laughed as I thought he was just taking the mickey out of me and wasting my time. I then asked him why do you want to get a motorcycle licence and his response was ” So I can go for rides with you and Dad and have a good time together which we all have a common interest in”. I then asked him if he is aware of whats involved in riding and he believes he is.

So further on we got talking about the bike itself and how much I wanted to sell it for and the finer details of the bike etc. I agreed I would sell it to him providing he can show me that he wants this by saving his money, more or less I was trying to teach him as the older brother a lesson in saving for the things you want as money does not grow on trees.

I hadn’t heard anything from him until three weeks after we had a chat,  he said to me how much do you want in as a deposit, I allowed him to place a $100 deposit down as if he backed out I was going to keep it for wasting my time and did not want him losing $500 from it.

I gave him 3 months to save and pay for the bike, and I have to say I have never seen him save so quick for something he wanted. My little brother actually paid for the bike upfront within 2 months. I must say, I had my doubts about it all, but to his credit, he learnt a valuable lesson in saving and got what he wanted (and so did I).

Now that Fee has been sold I’m sort of glad it stayed in the family, and I think he will enjoy her as much as I did. For me now I am still looking on the market for a new beast and have my eye on a few but I will leave it there as that’s for another story.

Cheers, and Have a Good one……

Stay Upright!

Jon’s Motorcycle Adventures

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