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Remembering back to my first blog post which was called Introducing Myself I explained a little about why I’ve chosen to ride motorcycles and who has influenced my decision to do so, maybe not in depth but somewhat have explained why. Anyway I thought it was about time I should write, and I quote “a proper post” explaining my decision to get involved with motorcycles and the journey I took to make that a possibility.

Before I continue, I, however, ask if you have not read the blog post from Experimental Ghost based on myself (The Bartender) gaining a learners permit I advise you to go back and read it, as it is beneficial to my post, you’ll see why later. experimentalghost.wordpress.com/…/whats-he-gone-and-done

Okay… So by now, you’d be fully aware of the story that EG wrote about me and gaining my RE Learners and Provisional License. As explained above, his story is beneficial for you to know as it’ll give you an insight into his views on the topic.

That said, there is a saying that goes something along the lines like this; There is always three sides to a story, theirs, yours and the truth.

well, you’d probably know where this story is going than don’t you?

You Guessed it….. I’m going to explain the story in my words as I saw it.

So as a little boy growing up with a father who has always ridden motorcycles for as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by these machines which they call motorcycles. Now whilst in my teen’s I have always had the idea of wanting to ride alongside my father and have something we could do and have fun doing together, I feel riding a motorcycle is in my blood.

The day I got my Red P1 Provisional Drivers licence was the day I said: mum and dad in a years time I will be going for my motorcycle licence as it is something I have been dreaming of since I was a little boy. I still remember mum saying yeah okay, we will see when that happens and if that happens ( I personally think she was scared but I guess that what mothers do).

April 23rd, 2016 a year had arrived, so I knew what that day meant to me. Prior to the day, I had been studying for about a Month and a  half on the practice motorcycle knowledge test which is on the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR) website. On the 23rd of April to be able to apply for a Motorcycle RE Learners permit it was required of me to upgrade my licence to a Green P2 Provisional Licence. To do this I had to sit the Hazard Perception Test, which is basically a video which allows you to click on any hazards before getting to them, so yes it was a timing thing.

So, I passed and surprisingly I feel I did quite well


So it was time to sit the motorcycle knowledge test on the TMR website, at this time my parents knew I got my licence upgrade to a P2 Provisional, but what they didn’t know was I chose to sit the online motorcycle learners test. I sat the test and passed, I feel I did a good job so on that day the 23rd April I was officially allowed to learn to ride motorcycles but only up to 650cc (lams) as it was an RE learners permit.

I showed both of the bellow pictures to my father (experimental ghost)

Congrats Learners Motorcycle test_LIRE Learners Doc_LI

Well Dad gave me a lecture as parents do, he said to me make sure you get all the right gear cause it hurts when you come off, and I’m talking from experience, always pay attention and look up every side road before approaching, be careful of roundabouts they get slippery etc etc the usual stuff to take note of. At the time of me showing this to my father my mother was not in the room, but when I showed my mum well let’s just say she got the shock of her life as she didn’t actually think I would get my RE Learners so soon.

After a few lessons with a bloke named Noel who is an owner/operator of Q-ride Redlands, I completed the Q-ride Theory, Practical all I had left to do was the road craft which I can tell you I was having a ball riding around. After the completion of the Q-ride, I was able to upgrade my licence from RE learners to and RE P2 licence which means  I was allowed to ride around by myself without supervision which was great!

Whilst riding around for a year on my RE’s I had done a few rides with friends and my Parents to places like Mt Mee, Nebo, Mt Glorious, Tambourine into Northern New South Wales etc. and cheeses how quick that year went. It was time to upgrade again but to my BIG BOYS licence, now this was a big deal for me because I did not know what to expect coming from a little CB400, to at something with a lot more power.

The day I went to do the 3 1/2 hour Q-ride upgrade test with Noel at Q-ride Redlands ( I stayed loyal as he is a great trainer) he put me on an older model of the Suzuki SV650s this one was a non-lams which meant full power. That was an experience to remember, to make it worse that day made me scared to upgrade even more as it was bucketing down with rain, like a lot of rain I sware you could fill a few Olympic sized pools.

But I was successful in my upgrade which was cool because I knew that if needed to I could ride whatever bike. I find it quite interesting that as a P2 Provisional licence holder I was allowed to upgrade to be able to ride any capacity bike with whatever amount of power to it, this was because in Queensland at least, you can not drive any cars such as V8’s, Turbocharged etc if you’re on any of the provisional classes but yet I was allowed to ride whatever bike I wanted including an R1, Hayabusa, hell even an H2 surely you’d think it wouldn’t be allowed right? well, I never have tested that theory but I do hold an R P2 class licence which means I can ride anything so yeah.

This April though I will be due to become an open class Driver/Rider which means yes you guessed it no more Green P’s yay!!!


To be honest, I cannot wait to get off these because with P Plates you are constantly being abused by other road users and yes even if you’re doing the right things. One thing I can say about being on my opens in April, I don’t have to sit in traffic unless I can’t lane filter of course.

Anyway, now that I have my R Class Licence I do get to say this I am currently in the market for a new motorcycle but that will be for another post, for now, this was my side of the story😜 hope you all enjoyed?

ps. I’m not a great writer.

Cheers Jons Motorcycle Adventures

Remember STAY UPRIGHT!!!

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  1. Great Blog Jon, and good to hear you are enjoying your riding, I know whatever you choose for your next ride will be the right choice, be safe.

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