Introducing Myself

Hi all,

Welcome to my Blog, Jon’s Motorcycle Adventures.

A little about me!

I have been riding for about a Year and Six months, I currently ride a 2009 Honda CB 400 which is a pleasure to ride (great beginner Bike). Unfortunately, i will be saying goodbye to her sometime this year, but that story will be for another post.

Why I ride? hmm, let me see…. All I can really say about this is I have grown up being around a father who has always ridden since before I could remember, so it’s sorta in my blood and I enjoy the fact I can go out for a ride with him and have something we both can enjoy doing.

If you are interested to know the story about myself getting my motorcycle learners and the journey from there on, follow the link to my father’s blog. Experimental Ghost 

Anyway carrying on, I’m new to this and the blog is to express my adventures and experiences I discover throughout my riding. Here you’ll find posts, videos, photos, links and reviews to anything interesting that is motorcycle related.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me and enjoy my blog.

lastly remember fellow motorcyclist’s, STAY UPRIGHT!

Fee my 2009 Honda CB 400

4 thoughts on “Introducing Myself

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  1. Hi Jon
    Welcome to blogging, I’m sure your father has given you plenty advice already but it cant be stressed enough. Buy the best gear you can afford it may save your life one day and make sure you do some proper rider training, CSS or Stay upright. Help you it can.

    The Road to Nowhere

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