Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog, Jon's Motorcycle Adventures. Here you can find the latest on my Adventures, Experiences, Thoughts, Photos, Videos and other helpful stuff. please feel free to like and share my post or even follow me on my social media accounts. Lastly enjoy the Journey! STAY UP RIGHT!!

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What Really????

Hi All, Sorry for not posting lately have been away and recently been promoted to a Managers position at work, so I have been very busy lately. I do apologise! Ok........ Remember when I wrote a post called introducing myself? I mentioned in that post that the current motorcycle I ride is a 2009 Honda... Continue Reading →


Hi All, Remembering back to my first blog post which was called Introducing Myself I explained a little about why I've chosen to ride motorcycles and who has influenced my decision to do so, maybe not in depth but somewhat have explained why. Anyway I thought it was about time I should write, and I... Continue Reading →

Introducing Myself

Hi all, Welcome to my Blog, Jon's Motorcycle Adventures. A little about me! I have been riding for about a Year and Six months, I currently ride a 2009 Honda CB 400 which is a pleasure to ride (great beginner Bike). Unfortunately, i will be saying goodbye to her sometime this year, but that story... Continue Reading →

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